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  • For mixing in with linseed oil putty and stopping seams below the water line. Again a small amount of motor grease added will help.3Kg Tin

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  • Can be used straight from the tin/keg with a pallet knife into the seam. If when finished "fairing in" dip a clean pallet knife in Linseed oil and work back the other way. It will iron out any little holes and leave it like a babys bum ready for the primer paintAvailable in 2.5Kg or 5Kg Tins

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  • For use above the waterline so that it does not contaminate paint colour, i.e. showing tramlines through the paint. However with modern paints such as METACLOR C.R. Primers two coats of this and it hides just about anything.3kg Tub

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items